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Join Shark Diver Magazine for our 4th season out to Holbox Island, Mexico to seek out the monster migration of whale sharks, and manta rays.

This is our annual trip out there to snorkel with whale sharks in the plankton rich waters that surround Holbox Island. And each year the adventures just gets wilder, the sharks get bigger, and the experiences are beyond words.
  • We saw 12 different whale sharks in August 2005, along with countless manta rays.
  • Around 100 different whale sharks in July 2006. We also sighted over 15 manta rays breaches.
  • July 2007, we saw 50 different whale sharks from the boat, and swam with 23 different sharks, with one breaching manta, 50 yards from the boat!

This season we are including a day in a spotter plane, to see the whale shark action from the air!

We are looking forward to what 2008 will bring. Each adventure is 3 days in the water, with one afternoon in the air.

No more dreaming... come make this your reality!

July 13-17, 2008
July 17-21, 2008
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