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A Brazilian Dream
This is a video I made for my good friends who joined me for a week of oceanic whitetips. It was an amazing week and the perfect trip. We found this elusive shark five days out of five day trip. It was a great trip.

Shark Sessions Episode # 1 "Charlie"

Shark Sessions are short films we created to profile people who are just Kick Ass characters in the shark diving world. People who are making a difference, whether it be; shark diving, photography, films, conservation, or people who are pushing the envelope to change what people know or think they know about sharks. So this first one is about our good friend Carlos "Charlie" Estrabeau, the lead bull shark feeder for Phantom Divers in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.
Whale Sharks, Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Every year whale sharks migrate to the food rich waters that are just a few miles off the coast of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. For the past 6 seasons we have journeyed out there to document and enjoy this natural spectacle. Here is a short video that shows what it is like seeing these amazing animals, not only from the water but from the air. Footage is by Armando Gasse and Eli Martinez. I hope you enjoy...
To Touch A Tiger

Here is a video created to show the other side of sharks, the side that is never shared with the public. Did you know that some sharks enjoy a nose scratch? or that some sharks enjoy belly rubs? Well they do...even sharks like tiger sharks. Here is a short video of SDM editor Eli Martinez interactiing with a few of his favorite sharks off of Tiger Beach, Bahamas. We hope you enjoy.

Please note that you just can't go up to a predatory shark and just start attempting these kinds of activities, it has taken shark expert Eli Martinez years of diving with sharks and working with them, one on one, to understand what is possible or not possible with these kinds of interactions. So please do not attempt any of these interactions without the proper training.

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