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Exploratory Shark Seafari
Isla Mujeres, Mexico
February 21-26, 2012
6 Day Adventure / 4 Days Diving

This is the first trip of its kind out in the deep waters that surround Isla Mujeres Mexico. We are going to chum these waters in search of predatory sharks that seasonally migrate to these waters hunting the huge schools of sailfish that come in to feed on baitfish.

Every year thousands of sailfish travel to these waters where they hunt in packs, rounding up sardine baitballs to the surface. Once they gather the sardines to the surface, they then relentlessly attack them till every last sardine is consumed. It is a known fact that where there is an abundance of large prey - there will be large predators. In febraury of 2011, the first images of a ten foot longfin mako shark (one of the rarest sharks in the world) were captured out here in these very waters. We are going back out there in 2012 to see if we can find more of these sharks, and to possibly find other species of sharks as well. This will be a first chummed descent, and we have no idea what kind of sharks may be lurking below, just waiting for an opportunity to feed on an unsuspecting sailfish. We may not see any sharks, but with thousands of sailfish hanging around, and plenty of chum in the water...there is a good chance we will see something.

This is an exploratory trip and we will be visiting these waters during the prime sailfish season. Possible shark species we may encounter; longfin mako (which is the main shark we are hoping to find), shortfin mako, oceanic whitetips, blue sharks, silky sharks, tiger sharks, bull sharks, dusky sharks, or possibly...we may see NO sharks. But we are going during the best time of year to potentially find sharks, and we are very good at finding sharks. Only a limited amount of people will be able to join us for this first of its kind adventure, so if your interested in joining us, let us know quickly.

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