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Mako and Blue Shark Adventure
AUGUST 14 - 19, 2012
(6 days - 4 days of diving)
- Only 4 Guests per trip -

We are inviting a small group of people to hit the open ocean waters of Southern California to seek out makos and blue sharks. We have been seeking out pelagic sharks in Southern California since 2004 and we have found them every season. This past season we were only aboe to get out there for two days and of those two days we got skunked one day and had 3 mkos for over to and a half hours the following day. Every day is different out there and we are thrilled about going back out to see what gifts the ocean gives us.

Please note that the trip is strictly a snorkel encounter - NOT a scuba diving encounter, (it will not be allowed, as it scares the sharks) so we will be snorkeling with the pelagic species only. Makos spook easily so we will not allow scuba tanks to be used.

There are also NO CAGES or chainmail suits offered for the mako shark snorkel, so it is important that you are comfortable with up close encounters with pelagic sharks, as well as swimming in the open ocean. Drift lines will be put out in case of surface currents. Swimming and snorkeling skills are important

There may also be opportunities to encounter mola molas, and/or risso dolphins or blue whales when we are out there. These are rare gifts from the sea, and the only way to find these animals is thru natural encounters. So while we motor out we will have our eyes focused on the ocean in hopes that a mola is sunning its self, or that we pass a whale or a pod of risso dolphins.

Please note that is the weather is too rough for us to go out, we will spend the day either - scuba diving La Jolla Cove, seeking out sevengill and soupfin sharks - or snorkeling for leopard sharks and angel sharks off La Jolla Shores.

Visit our Cali Sharks Trip Report page to watch the video blogs from our 2011 trip.

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