Mako Shark Diving - Mako Sharks - Pictures of Mako Sharks
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Mako Shark Adventure
Catalina Island, California
AUGUST 25-27, 2009
AUGUST 28-30, 2009
AUGUST 31-SEPT 2, 2009
(3 day trip)

We are taking small groups (5 people per trip), out to seek mako sharks in the cool Southern California waters. Our primary goal is to find makos but we may also see and swim with blue sharks as well.
Please note that this is NOT a scuba diving encounter, it will not be allowed, it is strictly a top water (snorkeling) trip.

Pelagic sharks are very hard to find, 3-5 hours of chumming before the first shark arrives is normal. They can be very skiddish and the encounters are often short. Noises made by regulators often scares off the sharks, so we have banned them from these encounters.
Mako Shark Diving - Mako Sharks - Pictures of Mako Sharks
Our readers swimming with sharks on our 2007 trip

There are NO CAGES or chainmail suits offered on this top water drift diving adventure, so it is important that you are comfortable with up close encounters with bold sharks, as well as swimming in the open ocean. Drift lines will be put out in case of surface currents

Mako sharks are very bold, very curious, and extremely fast. They will swim right up to you, sometimes bumping you, or just swim by to say "hello"- and they may do it, over and over again.

Mako Shark Diving - Mako Sharks - Pictures of Mako Sharks

On this trip there is also a very strong chance that we will see and interact with blue sharks as well. Blue sharks are also very curious animals and like the mako will come up very close to you, sometimes bumping cameras. We often see sharks from 3 feet in length to 10 feet.

Blue Shark Diving - blue sharks - pictures of blue sharks

YOU DO NOT need to be a certified diver to experience this adventure, but you must be in good physical conditon. Swimming and snorkeling skills are important.

For Safety; we use drift lines on every dive, Currents may be strong, which we hope they are, it will increase our chances of success. The drift lines will help you get back on the boat easier. We will also have an experienced shark diver out there to ensure this experience is fun and as safe as possible for you.

These trips are held over a three day period. Everyday is different out here. All sharks have different personalities. Some sharks are players, meaning they will come right in, staying for extended periods of time, allowing the swimmers to interact with them. Some sharks are very skiddish and want nothing to do with you, fly-bye's, and will swim off the second anyone gets in the water. There may also be days when the sharks do not show up at all, however we have chosen the best possible month, location and time to help our success... and we are very good at bringing in sharks.

Swimming with Mako sharks was originally only available to SDM staff memebers, but we decided that our readers were ready for these electric encounters... and we were right! 2007 was the first year we offered this trip to the public and we are very pleased with the results

Shark tally for our August 2007, 4 day reader trip;
Day 1; 2 makos, 2 blues (4 players - 3 hours in the water with the sharks)
Day 2; 1 mako (player - 2 hours in the water)
Day 3; 3 blues (1 player, 2 fly-byes - 45 minutes in the water)
Day 4; 3 makos, 2 blues (all flybye's - 5 minutes in the water, 30 minutes in water with 2 mola molas)

Shark Tally for our 3 day August 2008 reader trip
Day 1;
2 makos (one player -30 minutes in the water with the shark)
Day 2; One mako, one blue. (1 player - 20 minutes in the water)
Day 3; 2 blue sharks one 8' shark, one 10' shark ( 2 players, one hour in the water)

So if your ready to take your shark diving to the next level, then join us...

Trip open to both certified and uncertified divers

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Quick Trip Q & A
San Diego, California
# of Dive Days? : 3 days - 15 - 30 minute rotations, once the sharks show up.
Lodging included in Price? : No
Airfare included? : No
Operator: Chasing Sharks Dive Adventures
Trip Cost: Email or call (956) 782.7969, SDM for trip price
Meals included? : Lunch and snacks on the boat
Tanks included in price? : No. There is no scuba diving offered. weights and weight belts included.
Dive Gear Needed : 3, 5, or 7 mil fullsuit, gloves required, mask, fins, snorkel
Trip Insurance Included : NO. Visit for price quotes
Possible Shark Species? : Makos, Blue sharks.

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