Images by Andy Murch
Mako Shark Adventure
San Diego, California
August, 6-9, 2007
We are taking a small group out to seek mako sharks in the cool Southern California waters. For four days we will be chasing mako sharks in the open ocean. It is important that you understand that this is an extreme top water dive with very aggressive sharks. This experience is only open to people who are comfortable swimming with big sharks. Mako sharks are very bold and extremely fast, and they will swim right up to you, stare you in the face to say "hello"- and they will do it, over and over again. There is also a strong chance that we will see blue sharks as well. Please note that there are NO CAGES offered on this top water drift dive adventure, so if you think your ready to take your shark diving to the next level, then join us...makos are a lot of FUN!

To join us for a future trip to dive with mako sharks, tiger sharks, whale sharks, bull sharks or great white sharks, visit our Expedition Home Page

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