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Eli's Film Journal Notes from the Road...

October 24, 2006
It is official. We have changed the name of the show again. The show is now going to be called "Chasing Sharks." We went through so many name changes on this one. Chasing Sharks was the name I had given this show originally back in 2003 when I first talked about doing the show. Then we started talking and decided to call the series"Shark Chasers," but a defunct shark show that made four episodes was already called that. So we thought about Shark Wranglers, then Shark Divers, but we did not own the URL, so we decided to use a working title for the show, "Summer of the Sharks," until we went full circle and decided on "Chasing Sharks."

Hopefully that is it. No more name changes. The show is descriptive of what we do. I still like some of the other names for the show, but we shall see. We have a project in the works called "Summer of the Sharks," but that is something I will talk about later.

October 23, 2006
More pick-ups yesterday. Rusty and Steve came by the office to film some more stuff that we are lacking in the show. We really had not covered in depth the magazine, and how it is part of the show. We just sort of briefed about it, but yesterday, we went ahead and talked about it more in depth.

It was fun because it made me sort of relive the whole process of creating the magazine. The highs, and the lows of four years living the life of a magazine publisher. We also discussed our goals, and the mission of the show. I won't tell you about that, you have to watch the first episode to find out what it is.

But I am pumped, the show is coming along well, and we are closer to finishing it. Episode one that is. Steve has also been working hard mixing the music for the show. The music is all going to be original scores, all hard and fast paced beats that fit the show. I like that part, the idea that we will have an original sound for the show.

The show is going to air for sure in 2007. I am hoping on a channel that everyone has access to. If not then we are working on a plan B for those that may not get the show. I was rewriting episode one, and I have to say. No one is going to believe this show. It is all about the sport and the lifestyle. Most people are used to watching shows that talk about behavior, and conservation. This show really does not talk about or fit those things. We do cover conservation, but in a more suttle way. It is a hard core group of Shark Junkies, Chasing Sharks around the world; for no other reason than to see them, dive with them, and film them. Shoot the sharks, and bring back the story... period. We do have quite a bit of drama in there also. Its a reality series, drama is all part of reality.

October 3, 2006
It's 11PM at night and I am so tired. Raf was pounding on my door at 4:30 AM this morning, to pick me up. We needed to be at the port on South Padre Island, TX by 7AM to try and get out to the shrimping grounds before all the boats unloaded their bycatch into the water. I am so excited with my new find - Shrimp boat diving. Diving under the shrimp boats looking for sharks. It is so much fun, and so easy to do. All you need to do is go out anywhere from 10-20 miles off shore and seek out the boats. They are either loaded with sharks, or dolphins, or tuna; something is underneath them getting a free meal.

However we got the famous dive story; you know the story... the "you should of been here 3 days ago," story. The guys working the shrimp boats were saying they had what looked like 200 hundred, 7 foot plus sharks under their boats. 'Time in the water', is what it boils down to. Anyway, we had a good enough day, and our streak is still alive this season. We have yet to be skunked (knock on wood). We found two species of sharks today, and one I had never seen before, the Atlantic sharpnose. We also found some porky blacktip sharks. I did not get a still picture of the blacktip, but I did film it. And I also filmed the sharpnose shark, and I got one ok picture of the shark, that I was happy with. Paul Spielvogel could not make the trip with us, so I had to dust off my Canon, and Aquatica housing and shoot some stills along with video.

All in all, we had a great day in the water. We filmed sharks in 84 degree water, and I added another shark to my film tally. This shark puts us at 14 filmed shark species this season. We also film some pick ups for our show. We needed to add some footage for episode one that was missing.

I talked to shark photographer Paul after the dive and told him about our day. he was kicking himself for missing it. He also booked his flight down here to catch our next trip out. I love it. In fact, I am hooked on shrimp boat diving; 7 AM departure, home by 1 in the afternoon, and only an hour and a half drive from SDM headquarters, it's a no brainer. I will be chasing shrimp boats, during the shrimping season from now on. Want to try it?

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