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Eli's Film Journal Notes from the Road...

December 14, 2006, Thursday
Editing, planning, and more editing. So much work has gone into this TV series and so much more is still needed. We are days away from a finished episode one. I can't wait to see it finally cut and ready for an audience. The first screening of it will be held in December. We are holding a private dinner for the team, some family and friends and then showing them the first episode. I am nervous about it. I am always nervous about any product I have a hand in creating. When I release a new issue of Shark Diver Magazine, I am worried about the editing, the images, the colors. Now the worry has spread to our show, but I am always worried about that kind of stuff, I guess any artist is. (Ha! now I am am calling myself an artist-where is my scarf? And I need one of those funny hats) Anyway, back to reality. I guess I should not worry too much, our readers really love what we do in the magazines. So as long as I stick to those basic story telling ideas that I use in the magazine (short- fun, exciting and cool stories) when scripting our show, it will be a good show.
November 5, 2006
Its over! We have filmed season one. It really blows my mind that we actually did it. For those that have not been following what we have been doing, we began filming a TV series back in early June of this year. This has been an idea that has been floating around in my head for over three years now. It actually started back in 2003 on our very first reader sponsored trip. I brought along with us a topside and underwater cameraman, (same guy) to film our first trip so that we could put together a DVD series. The idea fell through. I just did not like the end product, so I scrapped the plans. I decided to shelve the entire project, until I was clear about what I wanted. So I just kept on making magazines and planning reader trips. But the idea for a series just kept haunting me. So many things were happening to us when we were out there chasing sharks that I knew a record needed to be kept, and not just a written record, a visual one as well. So I decided it was time to do something about it.

It was in September of 2005 that I started a journal on what it was that I wanted to do; film ideas, shooting plans, story ideas, etc. It was the beginnings of what would finally become a reality series on our lives as professional shark divers; 'what life is like on the road for us, as we seek out stories and photos for the magazine. We also wanted to capture the fun, the danger, the frustrations of finding certain species of sharks, as well as the hardships of dealing with each other on this endless journey.'

And it blows my mind that we did it. We filmed our year chasing sharks. We started in June, and ended it last week. We have finished filming all our episodes for season one. The end product will be six 30 minute episodes. We have shot over 200 hours of footage, both topside and underwater, and have experienced the adventure of a lifetime. It was a wierd ending for me and Andy (SDM's staff photographer). We both knew the adventure had just ended, yet it really has just begun. The filming part was put to rest, and the technical part of the adventure has started.

Now it is time to take all the footage cut it up, and create our stories for you all to see. As with our magazine, our job is to inspire and entertain. My hope is that you watch our films, get all pumped up to want to grab your gear and go diving. Creating your own stories, your own memories. Well thats my hope.



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