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Eli's Film Journal Notes from the Road...
Eli's Journal Andy's Journal

August 24, 2006
Well we signed on our new entertainment attorney. The new addition to our team is non other than Bill Whittacre. He is the man behind one of the most profitable and talked about indie film in the movie business, 'The Blair Witch Project.' He spent three days with us down here at Shark Diver Mag's HQ. He flew down from his home office at Universal Studios in Florida to spend some time getting to know me and most of my team. He is going to help us move our project forward, and help us find a really good home in 2007. I am stoked and very proud to have him join our band of pirates, and I am even happier calling him my friend. We spent the day talking about the project, and what needs to be done for us to move forward. The nights were spent eating, drinking (me and my crew did most of that), singing and laughing. We had a great time! ("HUEVOS TOTOTE!"- sorry inside joke)

So now with Bill on board we have all the pieces of the puzzle in place. He explained to us everything we needed to know about the TV world, and what to expect. So now our project with all the nessesary paper work is getting done right. At this level, I am finding out, it is all about paperwork. In fact I just turned in the first draft script for episode one. I know what your thinking "It is a reality styled show, how can you have a script?" Easy, the script is for direction, and it is used to help us develop the story.

When filming reality films or documentaries, you have a shot list. You shoot everything you wanted to shoot, then you shoot everything you were not expecting to shoot. What you are left with is hours and hours of footage (these are your master tapes). So then through memory you sit and try to find your story. What we did was find the highs and lows of the trip, then we timelined these ideas, seeking out a good story flow. Once a story was found within the adventure, we wrote it all down. And a script was written up. Now based on this written script we begin pulling out clips from the master tapes. These clips support the story we are trying to tell. Once all the clips are collected we start cutting it together. After it is cut together, we review it, and see if it tells a good story. If not, we rewrite new ideas, to hopefully tell an even better story. Now until we see the first cut, we have no clue if we have a good story. If it sucks or if its slow, then we go back to our original ideas and rework them. And we keep doing it until what we are left with is a really good story to tell you all. It is long hard work, but it really is a lot of fun.

August 21, 2006
We are getting ready for the next leg of our filming adventure. This time we head out to the west coast to film California sharks. Me, Andy, (Raf won't be able to make this leg of the adventure),

We will spend 8 days in the water seeking out bottom dwelling sharks and of course the mighty great white shark. We also have one day scheduled to go out with a buddy of ours, Walter Heim. Walter is the photographer who shot the mako shark cover on our next issue (#13). Anyway, he is going to take us out to find makos and blue sharks. I am really hoping to find them; it would be a great addition to the show if we do. We also are going to spend four extra days seeking out leopard, horn, angel, soupfin, smoothound and swell sharks. These sharks are not easy to find, but we have a few friends that can point us in the right direction. It should be a kickass adventure anyway you look at it.

I am looking forward to it, and I know Andy is as well. Of course like me, Andy is always ready for a new adventure. I guess that is why we have clicked so well, and why were doing the show together. Not only are we both addicted to sharks, we also have this unquenchable lust for adventure. But on our dive adventures, we dive for different reasons. Andy is a photo junky, he will not dive without his camera, and he is always hoping to shoot sharks he has not seen before. I on the other hand just want to dive with sharks, I don't really care if I have a camera or not. Now as the editor of SDM, I need to have a camera with me, so that I can document the adventures for the readers. But since Andy and me dive together all the time, there is no point, so I quit taking my camera with me. But now that we are doing this show, I need to have a video camera with me. Which is good, because some of the adventures we have had are pretty insane, and I need some kind of barrier between me and a big pissed off nosy shark.

August 16, 2006
We were working on episode 1, 2, and 3 today. Me, Andy and Rusty. It was fun and I am pumped up. We were brain storming how each episode is going to look and feel. The dramas from each show, as well as the climax. How each shows were going to start and end. It was a shit load of fun. I thought that I would not be able to contribute much of the details of the unfolding drama because I am one of the characters in the show. So I figured that I would just sit back and let Rusty and his editing team take care of it. But when me and Andy were on the phone today planning out our California shoot and issue # 13, it all just came out and the story began unfolding itself for us.

I want to tell you all what happens, but you all sort of know what happens if you have been following along in our journals. If not, then details will unfold later. If you do not know our new trailer is online now. If you have not seen it you should check it out. It is a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it!

August 11, 2006
I was working on our new issue today. The layout is already done. I know where all the stories are going to go, and what stories I am going to use. Its going to be super cool. We are introducing a new species you have not seen before (well it is not a brand new shark, just a shark we have yet to write about in the mag), with a very fun article. It 's about a cat shark. Cat sharks are not the most glamorous sharks in the shark world, but it is still a very cool shark to have on your seen it list.

Andy Murch wrote and shot the images. Thats one of the cool things about Andy, he is always seeking out new species of sharks to shoot, even if the shark is not very exciting. He is a true hard core shark junky. Most shark photographers would never travel to the other side of the world for a chance to shoot a bottom dwelling two foot shark that most people have never heard of. So far I have met only two other hard core shark photographers that are like Andy. The legendary Doug Perrine, and Maris "Kaz" Kazmers. Most photographers only chase the big boys, these guys go after them all. It is cool being around them, the stories they tell are always fun and interesting. I could sit and listen to their adventures all day, but the minute they get technical and start up camera talk, that is the signal for me to seek out other shark divers who are hopefully drinking something cold, and up to no good. That camera talk will put me to sleep. I just want to chase sharks and have fun.

As always, I'm Livin the Dream!
Eli Martinez

August 10, 2006
I am finally catching up with some of my work. The website has been updated a bit. And I am preparing to update our sister site This is the website where I was supposed to have our TV show updates and such, but I ended up putting it all on our magazine website. The show was originally called shark chasers but we found out that a defunct show was once called shark chasers. So we had to change it, which sucks because the logo was so cool looking. The Tibby looked great. But oh well, the show must go on. Andy is currently back in BC, but we have plans to get him down here when we have our big formal meeting with the suits.

As some of you know, when I first started my magazine, I knew nothing about publishing, or writing, or editing, or how to layout or design a magazine. I just had a dream. I wanted to start an adventure based magazine about sharks...period. There was no science to it, or no monster business plan. Just me in a pub, writing up my ideas in a notebook. I started out with a list of potential story writers, and a list of potential advertisers. My plan was perfect, sort of! The bumps and bruises along the way have been pretty painful, but hey I am a bull rider, or at least I used to be. Bumps and bruises were part of the journey in rodeo. So when things got really rough, I didn't know I was supposed to quit, and besides the hard core readers of our mag wouldn't let me. And in rodeo, when a bull slams you into the dirt, you dust yourself off and get on another one. You just keep going.

In the sport of rodeo, Bull riders are different; they are considered the danger boys, sometimes the outcasts. So when I introduced my mag to the diving industry, they sort of tossed us aside and treated us like outcasts, I also thought that was normal. Because you know what, Shark Divers are the danger boys (and girls) of the diving industry. I am not saying we are better, just different. I am not saying we are cooler than the other mags (even though we are), we are just different. The dive industry leaders just tossed us aside and said we wouldn't last a year, well this September we will officially be 4 years old!

The reason I brought this up is because the flavor of our show is going to be just like our magazine... very different. No one has ever seen a show like this. It is fast, funny, very cool and it captures the true spirit of adventure. It is 100% about hitting the water, hanging out with your friends, and chasing sharks around the world. Is the world ready for it? Well they better be, because, like it or not, were coming, and we are here to stay... as always I'm Livin' the Dream baby!

August 3, 2006
I am so behind on everything. I have been so busy with our film stuff and I have not made the time to update my website. So I am very sorry for that. Our film project has been going well. We have already hired an entertainment attorney to represent us. It is wierd how this project has evolved. It went from a cocktail napkin conversation over beers in a Florida restaurant last year, to meetings with entertainment attorneys. But it has ben a lot of fun. So far we have filmed three episodes. With three more to go. We are planning six shows for 2007. And damn do we have meat! We have filmed ocean storms, shark attacks (on us), big sharks, little sharks, rare sharks and dead sharks. It has been an amazing journey. We have at least 100 hours of film on file, and we still have so much more to shoot. I am excited about sharing it with you all very soon.

Our next issue is coming along nicely as well, and I love this issue. It is going to be one of the coolest mags we have ever put out. Issue # 13 will be very diffrent. It is going to showcase our sports lifestyle, and it will include a very cool checklist on the must do list for all Shark Divers. I will continue to update you...


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