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Notes from a Shark Film Makers... Journal

Monday May 15, 2006
What a headache. I am just days away from purchasing our camera housings and we have to buy them as we don't have a sponsor that will supply them for us this season, so I am torn as to who to buy them from. Of course money is an issue and so is quality. We have a very limited budget and need to save every penny we can for all the other filming expenses we will encounter, but we need good equipment that will handle the stress of all the travel. So the purchase needs to make sense as well as save us a whole bunch of money. We shall see, I will let you all know who I have chosen once I finalize our purchase. Our first filming schedule is almost set. It is insane. I keep rewriting it. It went from a one location shoot, to a two location shoot, to a three location shoot. Now it has turned into a month long road trip that will take us to anywhere from 5-6 locations with a potential 10 different species of sharks. Imagine this road trip, "30 days, 4 guys, 5000 miles, 10 species of sharks on ONE big adventure!"

That is just the idea for our first show, and we have a total of eight shows planned this season. Hell our first shoot sounds like it could be all eight episodes, but in reality our first shoot is just that busy. And all the episodes are going to be that much fun and move very fast. We have so many locations we are shooting this year, and so many people we will be visiting and diving with, It is going to be insane. And you can expect guest visits on our show from many shark experts in the industry; like Gary Adkison, Lawrence Groth, and Dean Fessler to name a few. As well as many of the writers and photographers that regularly contribute to Shark Diver Magazine.

Wednesday May 10, 2006
We are less than a month away till we leave for our first film shoot, which is the biggest project we have ever undertaken. And we still have so much to prepare for, but I am totally stoked...How can you not be? Just take a look at where we are, we have very little money, a HUGE project in front of us, with more than 12 different location to shoot this year, and at least 25 different species of sharks to film. Plus, as of this week we still don't have all our camera equipment yet!

I told you this was exciting stuff! Nothing is ready yet. We have exactly 27 days left till we leave for our first road trip and everything is total chaos. But I love it! This is what adventure is all about for me, this is what it is made of. It is about knowing where you are going, but not really knowing how you'll get there. And it all starts with a dream. And I continue livin my dream, each and every day. So with less than a month away from our first shoot, when my team asks me "are we going to have everything we need before we leave?" My answer is, you bet your ass we are. With time to spare ...I think?

Monday May 8, 2006

We have just kicked off our promotional tour locally. I started doing interviews with radio and TV stations, promoting our show. I did a Spanish-speaking morning show interview today with Univision and I botched it. You would think I would be able to speak Spanish better, but I managed to foul up many of the words during the interview. The pretty TV host saved my butt by filling in the missing words for me, keeping me from looking like a total fool, but the interview is with me saying “si” a lot.

I have a radio spot later this week with the local rock station, and another morning talk show with Telemundo, which is another Spanish speaking station. But I asked my manager to schedule it for early next week, so I can practice my Spanish more before I show up for that one. This past Friday I did a local talk show called “Latin Talk,” which is like the tonite show, but it’s geared for a Hispanic audience. That interview went really well. They are featuring our promotional video, so we will get a good sized viewing audience watching our trailer. The morning show is going to show it as well. So our show is going to get some local exposure, which is really good. It all helps with our sponsor push. Next week we are speaking to the local newspapers and news media, which are of course all English speaking so I should do really well.

Monday, April 24, 2006
The official thank you!

I am going to try and keep a more detailed record of what we have been up to lately. It seems like I just don't have the time to do anything anymore. But I do feel the need to keep you all posted on everything we have been doing. Well as of now, we are getting ready for our film shoot this year, and we begin officially shooting on May 2. I am holding a meeting with everyone who is involved with the project. From our accountant, to our IT guys...everyone. Rusty Armstrong, our official topside DP for the shoot will be on hand to kick off our documentation of the project.
I am excited about this year long film project, we are doing things that have never been done before and it is so much fun. I am looking forward to sharing it with you guys. Our trailer will be officially online in less than a week on the Shark Chasers site.

Our entire team is in place! We have a great group of people who have been helping me put everything together. These people are amazing, our budget for this shooting year is so small, and yet they willing overlook this ugly fact in an attempt to help us make this project happen. These guys are my heroes, and I would not be able to do any of this without them. The people on this list deserve many blessings in life for all they have done for Marti and me and this dream of mine...

Greg Ayala... my acting CEO
Juan Zavala... my accountant
Mel Ramirez... my manager
Rusty topside Director of Photography
The Endless Preseverance crew... my film editors (Steven Pavon, Alexis Smith, I know I am missing a few names here)
Joseph Banda... and my IT crew (Alex Campos, Nadia Gallegos)
I don't want to leave out my original team, who are still a big part of what we do here... Marti Martinez, Raf Flores, and Andy Murch, Johnny Martinez sr, and Johnny Martinez Jr.

This is my official thank you to these people for helping with this film project, which has been on my mind for the last three years... So now that I have done it, let the hard work, and the FUN begin.


Eli Martinez
Shark Diver Magazine

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