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2006 Sharks, Legends,
& Lies Tour Schedule!
Sandtiger Sharks
June 9-14, 2006
Whale Sharks
July 2006
Bull Sharks
August 11-19, 2006
Great Whites
September, 2006
Tiger Sharks
December 2-8, 2006
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Notes from a Shark Film Makers Journal

Journal entry by Eli Martinez
Wednesday, February 15, 2006

We have been working everyday now on our Shark Chasers project trying to get everything ready for our promo video. I just turned in ten hours of intense underwater shark footage to our editor Tim. It’s not easy picking out good clips, once you start pouring through the footage you try your best to find stuff that you think will look good and give you the most impact. The last thing I want is for you all to fall asleep during our first film. So it has to sizzle! I went through each tape and picked out the clips I liked, then I went through them all again to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I also wanted to make sure I still liked the footage I selected. So far I went through footage shot in North Carolina, Holbox Island, Mexico, South Africa, Vancouver Island, Southern California, and the Bahamas.

The species we have on the footage I poured through are great whites, spiny dogfish, tiger sharks, blue sharks, whale sharks, sandtiger sharks and lemon sharks. It is all great stuff, plenty of memories resurfaced when I went through them all. We still have 15-one hour tapes to go through and turn in. The footage still pending is from our bull shark dive in Fiji, and some more stuff from the Bahamas.

So far all I have done is pick out the best underwater shark footage. Topside is still pending. I am waiting for Andy to return from Canada so we can go through it together. He should be arriving today. I did watch some of our pre-night dive topside action we shot in the Bahamas. We filmed the last dive of our December Shark Seafari trip; it was a night dive with lemon sharks. We filmed everything. All the before the dive interviews, the dive, then we filmed the after the dive stuff. It was so much fun to watch. There was a lot of very nervous laughter going on. We filmed all the underwater action with the lemon sharks as well. It was an amazing dive, and very cool to film. However, we did not bring any video lights with us, so we filmed it all using this cheap little dive light. We zip tied it to the top of the camera housing, and it created this little eerie spotlight effect in black water. The only way you can see the sharks is if they pass directly in front of the camera. The footage we can see is only what is in the light. In the unedited version, mostly what you see is a dimly lit reef garden, then what seems like out of nowhere, a huge lemon shark comes into view. Either swimming by the camera or directly at it…it is pretty cool. It was all shot on a Sony HDV, so it looks pretty good. It has a ghostly effect. We are hoping to use it in the promo video. But we'll see…

Next filming stop on the Sharks Legends & Lies Tour...

Sandtiger sharks,
Morehead City, NC
July 9-14, 2006

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