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2006 Sharks, Legends,
& Lies Tour Schedule!
Sandtiger Sharks
June 9-14, 2006
Whale Sharks
July 2006
Bull Sharks
August 11-19, 2006
Great Whites
September, 2006
Tiger Sharks
December 2-8, 2006
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Notes from a Shark Film Makers Journal

Journal entry and Image by Andy Murch
the 13th of January 2006

Its 2 am and I’m sitting alone at Shark Diver Mag HQ pouring through hours and hours of footage that we have been collecting for our promo. Eli is at the hospital with his wife Marti awaiting the birth of their new baby girl. That leaves me working solo to figure out how to use all the editing programs that we need to create SDM’s new baby: SHARK CHASERS.

Over the past few days Eli and I have been recording all of the voiceovers for the promo. I think we were both nervous at the beginning but by the end we sounded pretty confident, almost as though we knew what we were talking about.

Even a five minute promo is a monster project. On my second computer screen I’m converting a video file from one format to another. It’s a 45 minute clip and after ten minutes it has only converted 1%! Nobody said this was going to be easy. The funny thing is that even though these jobs are painfully slow and tedious, we’re all riding a tsunami sized wave of excitement. What we’re doing is so new and interesting that I can’t keep still – or is it all the caffeine?

Yesterday we met up at 4:30am and drove down to the beach to shoot some footage of the sunrise. It was a small event but it finalized a discussion that we had been having for days over one of the opening sequences in the promo. We made it to the beach by 6:30am and got our sunrise sequence. Every small step brings us one stage closer to our finished movie, which we will then share with you.

One of the coolest things about editing a shark diving movie is that we get to watch sharks swimming across our computer screens all day. And, we get to choose our favorite clips and play them over and over. It’s like being back in the water with the sharks all over again.

Tired of staring at the flickering screens, I zone out for a few minutes and let my eyes wander over the desk. Next to me is a booklet that says Shark Chasers Season One. Leafing through the pages gets me pumped up all over again. We have some amazing shoots planned for this year. No doubt some of you will be joining us. The Sharks, Legends, & Lies Tour is already filling up. Fiji, Holbox, Guadalupe, I can’t wait!

Ok I’ve got my focus back. 13% converted…. hmm, time for another coffee.

Next filming stop on the Sharks Legends & Lies Tour...

Sandtiger sharks,
Morehead City, NC
July 9-14, 2006

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