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This page is dedicated to the people who have pledged their lives and their time to helping the oceans, marine animals and our beloved sharks. Please support these organizations in anyway you can...Here are a few of Shark Diver Magazine's Favorites!
Sea Shepard
These guys are my heroes! Sea Shepherd is committed to the eradication of pirate whaling, poaching, shark finning, unlawful habitat destruction, and violations of established laws in the World's oceans.
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Shark Research Institute
A primary conservation strategy of SRI is creating value for sharks as sustainable natural resources for tourism industries, particularly in developing countries. By so doing, a steady revenue stream is also generated for local fishers that might otherwise slaughter the sharks for immediate gain.
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Bimini Biological Field Station
Sharklab is a world famous facility owned and operated by shark biologist Dr. Samuel H. Gruber. The Sharklab offers marine biology internships to people interested in shark research and the conservation of the ocean's ecosystems .
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Shark Trust
The Shark Trust is a UK registered marine conservation charity dedicated to promoting the study, management, and conservation of sharks, skates and rays (elasmobranchs) in the UK and internationally.
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Guy Harvey Research Institute
The mission of the Guy Harvey Research Institute is to conduct high quality, solution-oriented, basic and applied biological science research needed for effective conservation, restoration, enhancement, biodiversity maintenance and understanding of the world's wild fish resources.
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Wild Aid
Wild Aid wants a world where our invaluable natural riches are not ravaged, one in which local communities can improve their lives without destroying their environment, and where humanity can survive together with wildlife for generations to come.
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